Forever Dusty

Forever Dusty

Em New World Stages / Stage 5

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Forever Dusty the new Musical on Broadway in New York tells the story about Dusty Springfield. Tickets for Forever Dusty can be booked here!

Forever Dusty
tells the dramatic, revealing story of how a shy Irish Catholic school girl from West London transformed herself into the voice of blue eyed soul, the face of Swinging London, and a worldwide superstar -- the legendary Dusty Springfield .

The provocative musical stars Kirsten Holly Smith in a tour de force performance, channeling the power and presence of Dusty in such memorable classics as "Son of a Preacher Man ", "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me ", "The Look of Love ", and many more.

Her music spoke to a generation, but her life was another story.

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Musical da mais alta categoria. Atores , cantores, musicas, enredo em grande entrosamento. Recomendo

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Muito Bom 4.0

1 comentários

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